Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

Monday morning brought the first snow of 2011. The forecast was for an inch or two but the snowfall ended up being more than 5 inches. It ended in the afternoon on Monday but freezing rain continued to fall. Michael's school has been cancelled for the entire week and they already had off on Friday. So we have been having a nice time at home, having a mini vacation. Todd's office was closed on Monday and Tuesday and they had a delayed opening this morning.

Monday morning we headed out while it was still lightly snowing and started to build a snowman. Michael made a snow angel too. Then we tried to use various items from the garage to use as a sled to slide down the hill into the cul-de-sac. The snow wasn't packed down enough to work good so we gave up and went inside.

Katie wasn't really fond of the snow at all. We held her for most of the time outside and she watched us play from the garage. Michael liked it much better this year when he realized that he could play in it, make snowballs and build snowmen, as well as slide down the hill.

After the kids went to bed on Monday night, Todd and I went out into the yard to play in the snow for a little while. We tried to sled down the hill on the side of our yard. It didn't really work too well but we made a path for the next day after it iced over. We dug out our cars and threw a few snowballs. I forgot how much fun the snow can be!

Tuesday we waited until Katie was napping and took Michael out into the yard to play. We finished building our snowman and Michael collected some sticks for his arms. The path that we carved out for sledding was ready. Michael had lots of fun going down the hill on a neighbor's boogie board.

A lot of the snow on the streets melted today but the yard still has a lot of snow in it. We didn't go out to the snow today but finally left the house for the first time since Saturday. I wonder what we are going to do for our snow day tomorrow!


Joanna said...

Katie cracks me up. Her opinion of the snow is pretty clear.

I love that you guys had to try and find something to use as a sled. I've heard that cardboard boxes work pretty well in a pinch. Hopefully, you guys don't get another storm like this for a while though. Although, the days off must be nice for Todd.

Mel said...

Your snow is beautiful! Enjoy your unexpected vacation. Baking sheets work well as a sled also!

Kara said...

We used boogie boards too! I'm also loving this vacation. I haven't left my house since Sunday, not that I could anyways. Our roads are terrible. Have fun today!

Jessica said...

How much do I love that you and Todd went back out after the kids were in bed! That's GREAT!