Monday, April 22, 2013

Second Test

Since Katie just barely failed her hearing test at her 4 year checkup, we had to go back in one month for a follow-up test.  She had a double ear infection at the 4 year checkup, which is why the pediatrician thought she failed the test.  We went in for the retest today.  Unfortunately, Katie still failed the test.  She heard noises at 30db but passing means hearing noises at 20db. 

Her pediatrician recommended taking 1 tsp Zyrtec daily in case it's related to seasonal allergies.  So we will do that and head back again one month from now for another retest.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the third time is a charm!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Every year in early spring, the azalea bushes under the tree in our front yard bloom.  They get bigger and better each year.  Even though the blooms only last for a few weeks, we enjoy them fully.  Here are a few pictures of the bushes.

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Harvest of the Season

Todd planted our vegetable and fruit garden back in mid-March.  There were several close calls with freezing temperatures after planting that required the garden to be covered with a tarp.  While looking at it this weekend, we noticed that the spinach plants were already producing quite a few leaves.  I came inside and looked up when to harvest spinach.  I watched a video on how to do it and what leaves to cut on the plant.  I found out that more leaves will grow after you cut back the plant a little bit.  I plan to freeze some of the spinach for later use and will eat the rest in a salad for lunch tomorrow.  So excited that we are getting something from the garden already!

Here is what I cut tonight:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eye Appointments for the Kids

Katie and Michael had appointments at Johns Hopkins this morning for an eye checkup.  It's been about 5 months since Katie's last appt and about 9 months since Michael's last appt.  The appointments were actually rescheduled from a few weeks ago.  It just so happened that I was able to reschedule them during spring break so no school was missed.  Unfortunately, Michael had some sort of stomach bug the morning of the appointments.  Somehow, he managed to get through the appointments without vomiting on anyone.  I am amazed at the control he has when suffering through a stomach bug.  He is my hero!

All that aside, the appointment went really well.  Of course, there was the typical screaming about getting drops put in their eyes.  Katie used to be OK with it but after watching Michael throw the perfect fit, she has now mastered it as well.  This time the nurse went to give her a tissue after putting the drops in her eyes and Katie actually threw the tissue down and screamed at her.  Not her finest moment but I wouldn't want drops in my eyes either.

Michael went first.  He was able to read a good bit of the chart and did well on the depth perception measurement.  When he met with the doctor, he was extremely cooperative.  His lenses have not moved since the last visit.  His vision has gotten just a little bit worse but nothing major.  The doctor did write him a new prescription for glasses that will allow his vision to be corrected to 20/40.  This is great!

Katie was next.  At her last appt, the doctor wanted us to patch her right eye for one hour a day.  We did this and he said that he saw an improvement in her left eye.  He wants us to continue with the patching as he doesn't want to lose what has been gained.  A quantitative measurement of her vision was able to be obtained, which wasn't possible at her last appointment in November.  She is seeing better, although her left eye is still considerably weaker than her right eye.  She is also not showing any further lens dislocation at this time either.  She did not get a new prescription as her vision did not worsen.  This was wonderful news.

The doctor wants to see Katie back in 4 months so we will try to coordinate these appointments with our summer visit to Johns Hopkins.  He said that he could see Michael at that time as well so that's probably what we will do.  A good visit was just what we needed!