Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Proud Moment

We started working on writing Michael's name a couple of months ago. He already knew that his name started with M but wasn't sure about how to spell the rest of it. We have been practicing his name and having him write it with help on what the letters look like.

A few weeks ago, he started spelling his name up until the letter A. Michael got a Crayola dry erase board for Christmas. Today we decided to open it and practice writing. The board is neat because it has sheets that you can switch out and you can also play games or draw freehand. Once Michael saw the markers, all he wanted to do was draw. I let him do that but told him we needed to practice letters. So he took turns switching out the sheets and tracing the letters on there. I asked him if he would write some letters on his own but he didn't really want to.

I went to get some crayons for Katie. When I came back into the room, Michael had written the first 4 letters of his name. I was so proud and he almost got the rest of it himself.

Here is the finished product:


Joanna said...

Very nice. I love that he worked on it while you were out of the room. Kids are so funny that way.

And of course, Michael is not the easiest name to spell, so I think that presents challenges.

Kara said...

Yay, for Michael!!

Stacey said...

Beautiful work! He should be proud of himself.

Carrie77 said...