Monday, January 31, 2011

Katie's 1st Dentist Visit

Today was Katie's first visit to the dentist. I was pretty nervous as to how it was going to go. She is quite a bit younger than Michael was at his first visit and she is also in this phase where she answers "no" to almost every single question you ask her.

Since her appointment was at the same time as Michael's, I figured she would watch him and then it would be her turn. But Michael had one hygienist and Katie had another one so they were separated for the appointments. I tried not to think about how Katie was going to do and prepared myself for the worst. Well, I worried for nothing because she did great!

Katie let the hygienist look in her mouth with the mirror, brush her teeth with the electric toothbrush and apply the fluoride foam, as well as rinse off her teeth. The entire exam probably only took about 15 minutes but she was extremely cooperative. The dentist came in to check her teeth and did a lap exam, where Katie sat back on my lap and put her head in the dentist's lap so he could check her teeth. She even opened up to let him see in the back of her mouth. Everything looked good and she doesn't have any cavities. At the end she got a little pouch with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and some stickers.

Michael also had a great checkup and didn't have any cavities either. He didn't want to get x-rays done but I don't really blame him. I was so proud of him for going into the exam room by himself and having his teeth cleaned. I did check in on him while I was taking Katie to the bathroom. He was sitting in the chair with some protective glasses on. I asked him about it later and he said that those were the cool glasses to keep the light from hurting his eyes.

So it was a good visit for both kids. Here's hoping for many more!


Joanna said...

How great. No cavities and both kids were cooperative. Score!

Mel said...

I'm totally impressed by Katie's cooperativeness at that age! Wow!

Jenna said...

That was awesome! In our family, I have only one kid who isn't afraid of the dentist. The rest suffer dental phobia. That's why I purposely asked my son, Dave, to accompany me in my dental implant appointment in Los Angeles. I'm sure he will get used to dentist visits and learn from me during my treatment.