Monday, January 17, 2011


We have been stuck in the house for the majority of the last week. First, we were snowed in. We finally were able to get out on Wednesday afternoon after the roads cleared enough to be safe. I took the kids to the grocery store, which had a lot of empty shelves due to the storm. I picked up a few things and figured we would head back out the next day. I was wrong.

Michael had a bit of a cough and runny nose on Wednesday but it kept him up for most of that night. Sometime around lunch on Thursday, he started running a fever. It lasted for less than 24 hours. We stayed at home on Friday because I didn't want to expose anyone to what he may have had. I guess the person I should have kept him away from was Katie. Saturday was the only day last week that we all left the house!

Katie has had the runny nose for the past 2 days and developed a fever yesterday. She had trouble napping because she was so congested. The only way she was able to nap was by sleeping on me or Todd. I hate that she is sick now but I love the feeling of a warm toddler in my arms. The fever went away earlier today but came back tonight. I am hoping that it is gone tomorrow and we can be on the way to health by the weekend. I guess it's not bad that this is the first major illness to hit our house this winter for the kids.


Mel said...

Sorry you have the sickies in your house. Hope everyone is all better soon!

Kara said...

Hope you all get better soon and no one else gets it. There's been many nights that we have had to hold little ones because they were too congested to lay down. Really tires a parent out. Maybe the sickies will leave and not come back for a while!