Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Short of 2

Katie will be 2 in just 2 short months. Where has our little baby gone? She has been replaced with a walking, talking toddler.

So much has changed since she has turned 1. I am simply amazed at the way that she has gone from barely walking to running, climbing up the stairs to being able to walk down, babbling to speaking in full sentences.

Over the past few weeks, Katie has been working on walking down the stairs by herself. She holds on to the railing and goes down one step at a time. There are definitely some moments where I am holding my breath and there is still some learning to be done.

Katie really looks up to Michael. She will sit with him while he plays games on the computer and cheer him on. She loves to go to his soccer games and clap when he kicks the ball. One downside is that she wants to be where he is and this does not always thrill Michael.

Her vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Katie loves to be read to and it really doesn't matter what the book is. I have started taking her to storytime at the library where they read books and sing songs. She is completely taken in by the librarian reading stories and wants to stand right in front of her!

Katie will ask you a question and can tell you when she is ready to eat and what she wants to eat. If you ask her to get something for you, she will bring it to you. Some of her new words are careful, Shaggy, wipe nose, Thomas, Percy, Scooby Doo. Can you tell what show we like to watch here?

She has really started wearing her glasses now without us having to bribe her or trick her. I think she has finally realized that she can see a whole lot more with them on. It took a while to get this done but I feel like the battle is mostly over. Consistency was what finally did it. I am sure that seeing Michael and Todd with their glasses on didn't hurt any either.

Katie does want to get her way and can get quite upset when she doesn't. I am trying not to give in to her demands. Her nap time is becoming a bit more difficult but most days she realizes that she likes to sleep and wakes up feeling recharged. The carseat wars have also started but I just wait them out and they are usually resolved quickly.

I look forward to what the next 2 months bring us as we approach 2.

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