Thursday, January 13, 2011

Read It Again

These are words that are heard many times a day in our household recently. And they are coming from Katie. She loves to have books read to her over and over again.

Katie has several books that are her favorites. She even knows the titles of some of them. The most read books include Thomas and the Jet Engine, Race Team, and Old, New, Red, Blue (the last 2 are books based on the movie Cars).

She also has several sets of small board books that mainly consists of pictures identified by words. We read these books several times a day. She can tell you what most of the pictures are when you ask her. One is Little Einsteins and is based on the jungle, ocean, forest, etc. The others are 2 Elmo books that focus on colors and shapes, as well as counting.

It's so cute to hear her ask you to read the books. I have read them so many times that she knows what to say when I turn to certain pages. One of my favorite parts that she knows is in the book Race Team, when Lightning McQueen is getting ready for the race. I open to one page and she says "many pictures" because there are lots of cameras waiting to take his picture.

Katie also likes to have Michael "read" to her. He knows the stories too and has several pages memorized. He will tell her the story and she repeats what he says. I love listening to the two of them together as they develop and expand their love for books. I look forward to the day when they both read to me. I think that I will have them read me the same book over and over again so I can figure out what makes it so much fun.


Stacey said...

That is so cute! Cole was really, really into books at Katie's age, but Will's not quite as into them. He does love the book "Ten Little Fish" a lot though.

Joanna said...

Reading to little kids is so much fun. I'm glad Katie is into it. So cute that she and Michael do it together.

I still don't know why they love the same stories over and over and over again, but it can get kind of old, can't it?