Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Treats

One of the things I love most about holidays are all of the baked goods.  I read magazines, look at Pinterest and just get ideas from other people on things to make.  This year I made 3 things.  The kids helped with 2 of them and I did the 3rd one on my own. 

We made heart shaped red velvet crinkles to give out to Katie's classmates.  The kids had fun using the cookie cutters to make the heart shape.  And almost as much fun eating the scraps from cutting them into hearts. 

For Michael and Katie's teachers, I did white chocolate covered strawberries.  I put Valentine sprinkles on some of them but left a few plain.  I used Valentine cupcake wrappers to put the bigger strawberries in and small cupcake wrappers for the smaller ones.  I forgot to take a picture of the strawberries before I gave them to the teachers so this one will have to do. 

On Valentine's Day, we baked a heart shaped cake.  It was snickerdoodle with cinnamon buttercream icing.  It was the first time we ever had it and I must say it was as delicious as I hoped it would be.  I also did cupcakes with the leftover batter and the kids enjoyed those.  I love holiday treats!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Katie had her Valentine's Day party at school today since she doesn't go to school on Tuesday or Thursday.  She had several different outfits that she could wear but finally decided on this one (and did not want her picture taken).  She couldn't wait to get to school to celebrate!

We made goody bags with heart shaped cookies and red Tootsie pops.  Katie wrote out all of her Valentines herself and was pretty proud of it.  When she got home from school, we went through her whole bag of Valentines.  She was excited to see who she got cards from and what treats they gave out.  As far as she is concerned, this is one of her favorite holidays!

Heart shaped sunglasses were in one of the goody bags and Katie loved them.  Her teacher painted a heart on her cheek and hand.  She told me it looked so stylish.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100 Days

Today was the 100th day of school for Michael.  Last week he was assigned a small project to celebrate this day.  I don't ever remember celebrating this day when I was in school but I like things having to do with numbers. 

Michael had to gather 100 of an item and put it in a bottle with a lid.  I liked this idea because then the items were contained.  He picked jelly beans.  He also had to write a sheet with 3 clues to guess what was in his bottle.  Then he filled the bottle and put it in a white bag that was folded over at the top.  His 3 clues were: 1) they are chewy; 2) they are different colors; and 3) you get them at Easter.  He said that most of his classmates guessed what they were.