Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of Preschool 2010

Today was Michael's first day back to the same preschool that he went to last year. He is now in the 4 year old class and is going 5 mornings a week this year. The first day of school was actually Monday but we were out of town for doctor's appointments.

When Michael woke up this morning, he asked where he was going today. I told him he was going to school. He said that he wanted to get dressed and go. I let him know that school wasn't open yet since it was only 7:15. So he got dressed, ate breakfast and we headed outside to take some pictures.

After the pictures, we loaded everyone in the van and headed to school. Michael normally gets dropped off in the carpool line but we walked him inside for the first day. He tried to go inside his classroom from last year but we took him to his new class. His teachers this year are Ms. Jan and Ms. Maureen. He was good friends with twin boys last year but only one is in his class this year.

This year he will have more special areas, like Spanish, music and science, every week. His new classroom has a computer and they will work on learning their phone number and address, as well as numbers and letters. I am looking forward to actually getting some details about school this year from Michael as he learns new things! And it was much easier sending him off to school this year than it was last year. Maybe it's because I was home with him this summer or maybe it's just because I know how much he loves his school.

Here are a few pictures from his first day:


Mel said...

He is so big! I mean - very mature looking! Hope he has a great year!

Joanna said...

I love the first one. There is always something to bittersweet in the walking away to go to school pictures.

I hope you can get some kind of info from him on what goes on during the day. Every time I ask Michael he says "nothing".

Kara said...

Kendall starts on Sept. 8. She also has to be miss the first day. She has an appointment with an opthamologist.

Can't wait to hear about what they will learn this year.

I was so shocked when Kaitlynn came home from 4yr old preschool and had learned some Spanish.

Carrie77 said...

Aww! I agree with Joanna, hopefully he'll share some of his day with you! Nathan won't! :) Love the pictures!