Monday, September 20, 2010

18 months, a few days late

Katie turned 18 months old on the 16th on this month. She is already halfway to two years old.

She had her well check at the doctor on Friday. Everything was good and she is right on track for developmental milestones. She weighs 25 pounds, 8 ounces (65%) and 34 inches (95%). Katie actually weighs more and is a little taller than Michael was at the same age. But everyone tells me that girls grow faster early on. The only bad part of the appointment were the two shots that she got at the end of the visit.

Katie loves to be outside and gets mad when I try to take her in before she is ready. If I go out the door without her, even just to get something from the garage, she opens the door herself and is right behind me. If she is tired and we are inside, you can tell that she will need to nap or go to bed soon. If we are outside, she can play for what seems like forever. She loved spending time at the pool this summer too. I hope to have her take swimming lessons next summer.

Katie is interacting with Michael much more in recent weeks. They can play nicely together on rare occasions, as long as she doesn't try to take something that Michael treasures. She wants to do whatever he does. Sometimes I think that she thinks she is 4 years old too. When we dropped Michael off for his first day of school, she went right into the classroom and sat down at one of the tables.

Some new words that Katie has learned this month are mine (and knows when to use it), ready, set, go, seven, eight, nine. She is now saying Mommy to me extremely clearly and calls me constantly. For the most part, Katie will repeat any word that you say to her or at least try to. It's so neat to be able to communicate better with her and I look forward to having conversations with her in the future.

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Joanna said...

She's growing up so quickly. I love how younger siblings work so hard to be like their big brothers or sisters, and clearly Katie has hit this point. 18 months is such a fun stage.