Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Wednesday is the day that we go to library storytime. We didn't go during the summertime as I felt like Michael may have been bored with it and there were plenty of other things to do. The latest session started back in the last week of August and today was the final class of this session. The next one will start back up in 3 weeks.

Katie really seemed to be participating today, which figures since this is the last class for a while. She is singing along with the songs and doing the hand motions. One of her favorite songs that they sing is "The Wheels on the Bus".

Today the librarian read a Spot book, which is one of Katie's favorites right now. Since there are so many kids in there, it's sometimes hard to pay attention to the book. There are also quite a few younger siblings, who are babies, and Katie wants to monitor their every move. It's so sweet how she goes up to the babies and studies what they are doing.

Katie enjoys library storytime and asks about it when we don't go. I hope that the next 2 weeks go by quickly. I wonder what activity we can do instead of storytime. Maybe a trip to the zoo or the museum.....

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