Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Picture Day

Friday was Picture Day at Michael's school. We are still struggling to get him to wear a "button shirt". I guess I figured after 3 years that he would eventually decide to give up his fight with buttons. No such luck yet, although we can usually get him to wear one with a bribe. The shirt that he wore for Friday's picture was actually one that he picked out himself. He threw a fit when we were buying it for my cousin's rehearsal dinner last month but agreed to wear it for the picture after we asked a few times.

It was also Apple Day for the Kindergarten classes. It was fitting that Michael was wearing a red shirt. The classes went around to different rooms and got to taste and touch different apples. Todd's parents brought over a basket of apples this weekend. Michael was able to tell me that the green ones were Granny Smith, the yellow were golden delicious and the red ones were delicious too. I was impressed. They also made an apple hat with the different color apples on it. Michael was pretty proud of it!

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Beth said...

I love it! So impressed that he wore the shirt. I now have to contend with not only no buttons on anything, but he will now wear only athletic-style pants. No cotton khakis or even his favorite--camouflage! I found a super cute pair of camouflage pants with elastic waist and velcro-closed cargo pockets, but they were a no-go because they were a soft cotton material--not nylon or polyester or whatever crap they make athletic pants out of and not sweat-pants mateiral. UGH!