Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Month Later

Today was Michael's one month post-surgery appointment for his eardrum repair. The ENT said that everything looks good so far. We can stop with the eardrops and keeping the water out of his ear in the shower. The skin graft is still a little thick so he will recheck the ear again next month and there will also be a hearing test then as well.

Thankfully, this was one of the shortest appointments we have ever been to. The time from checking in to leaving was less than 30 minutes. This was good because Michael does not like to have his ear checked. The doctor also cleans his ear, which is the worst part of the appointment. Today I showed him all of the things that the doctor used to check his ear. It seemed to calm him down a bit. I hope that after the next appointment, it will be a while before we have to go back.

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Beth said...

Glad to hear he's healing well. Poor guy! For your sake and for his, I hope you've reached the end of all the ear poking. :-)