Friday, September 9, 2011

First Ballet Class

Tuesday was Katie's first dance class. I had called to several dance studios around us and all of them will not take kids until they are 3 years old. I finally found a class at a local rec center and it will be on Tuesday afternoons.

The class is pre-ballet and it is just for 2 year olds. Well, I guess that most of the other 2 year olds are doing something else because Katie was the only one in the class! I figured that she wouldn't actually do any dance but she did let the teacher show her what to do. They sat together on the floor and listened to music while talking about dance. The class lasted about 40 minutes, which I thought was pretty good for Katie. It was nice to have the class to herself because she got to ease into the setting.

The highlight of the class was getting a pink stamp on her hand at the end. As we were leaving, I asked her if she wanted to come back again next week. She said that she would and she told me she wants to dance "The Nutcracker".


Beth said...

Adorable!!! I love the get-up. Almost makes me wish I had a girl! :-)

JenFen said...

Super cute and glad she liked it. Jadyn started at 3 with creative movement and then pre-ballet. She had her first big girl ballet class yesterday. Hope Katie continues to enjoy it.

Stacey said...

So cute!

Mel said...

Nice! Mariele can't wait to take dance when she turns 3. Her teachers said she may be able to start in November a couple of months before she turns 3.