Friday, September 23, 2011

All Night Long

That was the amount of time that Katie wore underwear on Wednesday night without any accidents. Todd and I were so proud of her!

For the past few nights, Katie has been asking to wear underwear to bed. I have been very hesitant as most days she still wakes up with a pretty full pull-up. She really wanted to and I didn't want to discourage her so I let her wear underwear to bed on Tuesday night. She did have an accident but I am pretty sure it was near the morning as she wasn't that wet. She asked again last night so I put the panties on. My mom has been visiting for a few days and she got Katie up this morning.

We made a big deal about her doing such a great job wearing underwear all night. I hope that this is the start to staying dry every night and that it wasn't just a one time thing. If she can start pooping on the potty consistently, then potty training will be done. I will be keeping my fingers crossed and keep cheering Katie on!


Mel said...

Awesome! Go Katie! Mariele is staying dry during the day in panties, but she wears a pull up at night and wakes up with a full pull-up, so I have not been brave enough to do panties at night yet. Although if she asked, I would probably try it, just like you did with Katie.

Carrie77 said...

GOOD JOB, Katie! Autumn has been in undies at night since August, and has 2 accidents. She is doing better with #2 (our biggest challenge)!

Stacey said...

That is amazing!!