Monday, November 8, 2010

Things to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And a cold is making its' way through our family again for the second time in less than a month. It started with Katie last time and Michael this time.

Michael has had a cough for a few days now and I have been monitoring it to make sure that it's not getting any worse. As he gets older, he is really doing well with covering his mouth while coughing. Unfortunately, that didn't stop the germs from spreading to Katie. She is mainly affected with a runny nose but also has the cough. It's causing her to eat poorly and her sleep schedule is off. And now Todd thinks that he may be getting the cold as well.

I am thankful that I generally don't seem to get these colds. I am exposed to them as much as everyone else but I seem to have a good immune system. And that's a blessing because someone has to be healthy to take care of everyone else when they are sick. Let's hope that this round of sickness leaves the house before Thanksgiving and then we can really be thankful!


Joanna said...

Sorry that your house has the sickies. I hope everyone makes a quick recovery and that you don't get it.

Mel said...

I usually get sick at completely opposite times from my family. Wishing yours a speedy recovery!

JenFen said...

Except for that now that you blogged about it you probably jinxed yourself, LOL!

Steph said...

Sorry to hear that you are (almost) all sick. No fun. Abby has been sick and it seems to have passed on over to Cooper now. I generally pick up any bug the kids get, but so far so good. Ben is out of town the whole week too, so I don't know what I will do if I get sick this week.