Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tuesday also marked the half birthday for Michael on the way to 5 years old. I am such a numbers person and think it's so neat that Todd, Michael and Katie are all born on the 16th of their birth month.

4.5 years old brings its' share of ups and downs, just like every other age before it. Michael can be a great helper when he wants to. He loves to help with Katie and gets upset when she doesn't want his help. I can finally ask him to do something and he does it. Some days he doesn't want to help at all though and it can be quite frustrating and I feel like I am talking to a wall.

He still enjoys puzzles and being read to. He can play independently for at least 30 minutes with his toys. Todd recently fixed up an old computer we had and set it up in the family room. Michael has loved to play Cars on the computer and we are looking for some new games to show him. He was so excited to get his very own computer! While he plays games, Katie sits there and watches him. He explains the rules to her and she is his own cheering section.

Michael has mastered getting dressed. The only thing he can't do is to tie his shoes. And he is now washing his own body during bathtime. After he eats a meal, he will bring his cup and plate into the kitchen. He also buckles the top clip on his carseat and fixes the bottom buckles so all I have to do is clip them.

He still enjoys going to preschool every day. I try to get information from him about what goes on during the day but he doesn't share very much. Thank goodness for the daily notes! I do know that they are working on learning their letters and numbers. So far Michael seems to be much more interested in numbers than letters, which doesn't surprise me.

He has started stretching the truth a bit about some things and will often ask us if we are joking when we tell him something that he isn't crazy about doing. He expresses his dislike for doing some things and lets us know it. When he gets upset, he can't always control it but he is very sorry after it happens. He also seems to be in tune with other people's emotions and always knows the right thing to say to calm me down.

Michael is a very loving little boy and loves giving hugs and kisses. And we love getting them!

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Stacey said...

Yay for people born on the 16th! (I'm June 16th)

That's cool that Michael's into puzzles and numbers. Sounds like he's going to be a math whiz!