Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Recap 2010

This year it seemed like the Halloween festivities never ended. And this was a good thing.

It started on Friday at Michael's preschool. They had a parade for all of the kids and then each classroom had their own party. Michael was dressed as Spiderman, which was the same as his best friend Connor, except that Connor's costume had muscles. It was so fun to see everyone in their costumes. Katie was wearing a Halloween outfit of a cat t-shirt with black pants with a pumpkin on them.

Friday afternoon we made our tie-dyed pumpkin t-shirts. Michael had fun stirring up the hot water with the dye in it. Once we took them out of the dye, we rinsed the shirts, washed and dried them. I drew the faces on the shirts for everyone to wear. That night, we went to a local church to pick out pumpkins. Since it was late in the season, we were only able to get small pumpkins for the kids. Katie did say "pumpkin", which was a new word for her.

Saturday afternoon I took Michael out to Publix, a local grocery store, for Trick or Treating. Each of the store's departments gave out candy and Michael got a balloon and silly bands. He had fun walking around the store in his costume.

Sunday night we had our neighborhood Trick or Treating. Todd's parents came over, along with some of our friends and their kids. We set out in a big group and went through a few sections of our neighborhood. Katie sat in the stroller and was perfectly happy to be pushed around in it. We quickly found out why. She was eating candy from her Elmo basket, wrapper and all! After she ate 2 pieces that way, we started putting the candy in the basket under the stroller.

Michael did pretty well going to quite a few houses and he walked the whole way, which was even more impressive. When we got back to our street, Todd gave him the choice of going to a few more houses or heading home. He chose going home so he could eat his candy. On Halloween night, we let Michael eat as much candy as he wants and then put the rest away to be eaten over the next few weeks. Michael told us how much fun he had this year. I think that we all did!


Kara said...

Love their costumes! Those peanut M&M's wouldn't last long in our house. None of our girls like nuts. Everytime they pulled a piece of candy out of their bags they would say "does this have nuts?" If it did me or Trey would get it. The Peanut M&Ms were all gone by Sunday evening. I love those things!

Carrie77 said...

Love their costumes! Auttie was a lady bug, too! You'll have to post pictures of the tie dyed pumpkin shirts!!

Joanna said...

Katie's costume is so cute. She makes an adorable little bug. Michael's costume makes him look super tall. He's clearly not a baby anymore.