Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2/3 of the way to 2

Katie turned 20 months old today. Since she is tall for her age and has a full head of hair, people often think that she is already 2. I don't want to rush her growing up and she has already started to become more independent. She is showing some of the 2 year old behaviors already though, like screaming to try to get her way.

Her language skills continue to develop rapidly. I am able to have mini conversations with her about food, sleep and what she wants to do. I ask her if she is hungry and she will tell me what she wants to eat. After eating her dinner, she can see the Elmo candy bucket on top of the fridge. She will start to chant "Elmo" until you give in with the candy or take it out of her sight. When it's time to go somewhere, I ask her to get ready and she does. She will also hold your hand when walking in the store instead of running away. One day last week she pointed to the frog in her room and said "look, water". I was shocked!

Katie has taken her love for climbing to new levels. She now climbs on the chair at Michael's little table to gain access to the countertops. And she is now picking up the stool in the kitchen to move it to get what she wants.

We have started sitting Katie on the potty on a daily basis, either before bath or naps. She will sit on it sometimes for a few minutes. She will tell you that she has to pee and ask for Elmo potty. However, when she is asking, I think that's when she is peeing. I am hoping that she will be fairly easy to train as she can communicate her needs. And she is pretty obvious about when she is going #2 in her diaper since she hides or walks up to a wall and is still for more than 2 seconds.

Her relationship with Michael continues to develop. She calls for him by name and loves to watch him play the Cars game on the computer. He explains it to her and she just laughs when she is not watching him intently. She asks about Daddy all day and walks around saying "Daddy happy". It's so cute!


Mel said...

Yes, Mariele is exhibiting terrible two behavior also. She is a screamer! But she makes up for it by her cuteness in other ways. Sounds like Katie does too! "Daddy Happy!" CUTE!

Carrie77 said...

I think that is why they are so cute... otherwise... ;) Yeah, Auttie is showing signs of the terrible 2's, too! Oh my! Help us!