Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Coupon Friend Meetup

Sunday morning, we spent some time in Orlando at the Disney Marketplace and then got in the car to make the journey to Ft. Lauderdale. Before we left for the trip, I had arranged to meet up with Holly, one of the girls on my coupon train. She was going to lend me a pack & play so we didn't have to bring ours. I was excited to meet her as I have only met May 2006 moms and none of my coupon friends.

We arrived at her house late in the afternoon. It was so nice to finally meet Holly, her husband Sean and their daughter Sammie. The kids started playing with Sammie's toys, which she so generously shared with them. Amazingly all 3 of the kids seemed to get along well and played nicely together, while the adults chatted.

The men talked about sports while Holly and I got to talk about deals, coupons and hunting for bargains. We talked about where we get our coupons from, what stores we like to shop at and what other people think about couponers. It was great to chat with someone who understands my use of coupons and the need to run out to CVS for the weekly deals!

Thanks to Holly for taking these few pictures. Can you believe I forgot my camera in the car?

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Stacey said...

I love the picture of the kids. They look so happy.