Friday, October 15, 2010

Epcot and Typhoon Lagoon

This morning, we got to Epcot right as the gates opened. We went straight to Soarin' so that Michael and Todd could ride it. While they were waiting to go on the ride, Katie and I walked over to get Fastpasses for Test Track to pass the time.

Michael really liked Soarin' and told me about everything that he saw while he was on the ride. He actually said he would go on it again. We got the kids a snack and then went back to Test Track. Since Katie was not tall enough to ride, Michael and I went on first. There were various diagrams of body angles and the impact during an accident. Michael had fun posing next to the diagrams.

Once on the ride, he held his hands over his ears because he said it was too loud. After we got off, I asked him if he liked it and he told me he couldn't wait to ride it again. Then it was his turn to go on with Todd.

We headed over to the World Showcase to eat lunch. Of all the times I have been to Epcot, I have never eaten a fast lunch in one of the countries. It was a nice change of pace from the burger, pizza or hot dog. We ate in the United Kingdom at the Yorkshire Fish Shop. The fish and chips was fried and unhealthy but delicious. Would definitely eat there again in the future.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel and made our way over to Typhoon Lagoon. It wasn't quite as warm as earlier in the week but the water park seemed to be something that Michael really enjoyed so we headed to another one. We rode in the lazy river with my mom and Katie rode in my lap. After that, we headed up to the family tube ride. Even Katie could go on this ride. She was a real trooper and we were able to go on it 3 times in a row since there was no wait. As we got to the end of the ride on the 3rd time, she said "all done" right before a wave of water crashed over her body. It was pretty amazing since Michael probably would not have gotten within 20 feet of the water at the same age.

Since it was our last night with everyone there, we all headed to Epcot to eat in Italy. Katie wasn't really being too cooperative at the table and was throwing silverware and napkins on the floor. I pulled out a Tootsie Roll pop to bribe her and it worked. When they brought out her plate, she ate more than half of the meal. It was almost as big a portion as mine! We walked back to the boat to take us back to Boardwalk after dinner and to our hotel. Michelle and Alex were leaving early in the morning to head back home so we said our goodbyes. It was fun spending time with them and Michael was especially sad that they were leaving!

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Mel said...

I just love Epcot so much!