Monday, October 11, 2010

Animal Kingdom

Since we were staying at a Disney resort, we were able to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours at a different park every day. Today was an hour early at Animal Kingdom. We headed out and got there about 8:30.

We went with my parents, Michelle and Alex. Once we got into the park, Michelle and Alex headed off to get FastPasses for Expedition Everest, a rollercoaster. The rest of us headed back to the safari. We all rode the safari together and only had about a 10 minute wait. Since it was early in the morning, it wasn't hot out yet and a lot of animals were out. We saw giraffes, lions, elephants, as well as some new animals to the safari and a rare animal that only has a population of 500.

We exited the ride and got a family picture outside by a waterfall. We decided to head over to Expedition Everest and pick up passes for Kali River Rapids, a water ride. My mom, Katie, Michael and I did not go on Everest. Todd, Michelle and Alex liked it so much they rode it a second time. My dad said that once was enough for him.

The next ride we went to was Dinosaur to get passes and then tracked back to the Kali River Rapids. We took turns going on the ride since Katie wasn't tall enough. Michael liked this ride pretty well and managed to stay pretty dry. Probably because he was sitting right next to me and I protected him by getting soaked on one side. We walked back to Dinosaur after that. I think this ride was too scary for Michael because it was dark and the dinosaurs really get close to your vehicle. Fortunately, it didn't turn him off from liking dinosaurs because he really enjoyed the gift shop.

We headed to pick up lunch after that. Everyone else left the park to get back to the room to rest while Michael played in the Boneyard, a dinosaur playground with rope bridges and ropes to climb. We went to see "It's Tough to be a Bug" in the Tree of Life and then left the park around 3:00.

Since there was so time to kill before dinner, we went to one of the pools at our hotel. Michael and Katie enjoyed themselves although the water was a bit chilly. The day ended with dinner at Captain's Grille, where Katie ate NY Strip Steak, mashed potatoes, carrots and salad. I think she could have continued to eat had there been more food. Michael got a pizza and make your own sundae and fell asleep before we got on the boat to head back to the hotel. He was exhausted, which seemed to be the theme for this trip!


Lindsay said...

Great family pic!!!

Mel said...

Exhausted kids at the end of the day - Score!

Kara said...

Expedition Everest is a rough (but fun) ride. Kendall was tall enough to ride it this time and I can not believe she did it twice!! She hates roller coasters! I think the fact that she was tall enough and Kylee wasn't is what made her want to do it. Aghh, these girls have already started picking on one another!

By the way great pictures!