Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Katie's 6 month eye check

This morning was Katie's 6 month follow-up with the opthalmologist. After the last appointment where the doctor recommended that Katie get glasses, I didn't feel very optimistic about this appointment. I was concerned that her vision had gotten worse over the past 6 months.

Trying to get Katie to wear her glasses can best be described as a challenge. It's hard to explain to her that she needs to wear the glasses to see better far away. Luckily, most of her world is close-up and she can see that. I highly doubt that she has ever worn her glasses for longer than 15 minutes at a time. I remember that Michael was just over 2 when he got his glasses and after an adjustment period of about a month, he was wearing them all the time. That has not been the case with Katie but she was a year younger when she got her glasses.

After examining her eyes today, the doctor said that her vision was unchanged over the past 6 months. What a relief! He just told me to continue to try to get her to wear her glasses. Eventually she is going to realize that wearing her glasses will help her to see better and she will cooperate. Since she is nearsighted, she is not hurting herself by not wearing the glasses. At this point, they can only help if she does decide to wear them. I am hoping that by the next appointment, she will be wearing them on a more regular basis.


Jennifer said...

I am glad to hear that her vision hasn't gotten any worse. I know how you have struggled getting Katie to wear her glasses. I hope she gets used to them soon. We went last week for a one month check up for Ian's glasses and it was the first time that he didn't scream when the doctor came in! Small steps! Good luck!

Heidi O said...

I can't even imagine trying to get a young one to wear glasses. I am glad her vision is unchanged. Hopefully, she will catch on soon how nice it is to see things in the distance.

Stacey said...

That's really good news! I can't imagine keeping glasses on a 1.5 year old. Good luck in the future.