Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael's First Trip to the Movies

Yesterday my mom took Michael to his first movie at the theater. She also took Katie but since she didn't watch the movie, I am not sure if it should count for her or not. One of our local theaters has free children's movies on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays throughout the summer.

Todd and I had been unsure about how he would do at the movies as he has a hard time sometimes sitting still for long periods of time. We figured that the worst that could happen was they would have to leave the movie early since it was free to begin with.

Well, of course Michael surprised us all and did great. He was really excited about seeing the really big TV and sat in the chair like a big boy. The movie that they went to see was The Tale of Desperaux and he really enjoyed it. My mom said that he only started to get a little fidgety at the very end, which wasn't bad at all considering the movie lasted almost 2 hours.

Can't wait to take him to the movies with us since he did so well this time!!


Joanna said...

I'm sure he'll have fun making the second movie experience the crazy one.

Kara said...

I was also impressed with how well Kendall did on her first trip to the movies. We took her to see Up a few weeks ago and she was so into the movie. You know what this means.... our babies are growing up! :(

Zoey and Ford's Mommy said...

Zoey has been to the theater several times and she always does great, with two exceptions. Shrek the Third (it was a week before she turned one) and The Bee Movie (the chair almost folded in on her and she decided she'd rather stand). Ford has been to the movies already too! We took Zoey to see Night at the Museum 2. I want to go see Bruno this weekend, but I'm thinking we'll leave him with my mom if I can get him to take a bottle between now and then.