Monday, July 27, 2009

She rolled over!

I just realized that this happened last week and I didn't blog about it. Katie rolled over on Thursday from her back to her belly! Of course, it only happened once so far and it was while we were at work and my mom was watching her.

She has been moving her legs and turning over to her side for a while but couldn't figure out what to do with her arm. My mom had put her in the pack and play bassinet for a few minutes and Katie got mad and rolled over! I can see that she wants to do it again but it still wondering where her arm should go. She keeps practicing and in the meantime, we are keeping our eyes on her all the time.

I can't believe that this milestone has already arrived. It seems like she is growing up so fast and it makes me a little bit sad. She has changed her sleep patterns recently as well and isn't sleeping nearly as much during the day. We also think that she is getting a tooth, as her gums are a bit red and bulging. She loves to bite down on anything and she has quite a bit of drooling. I am hoping that it doesn't cause her too much discomfort as it comes in!


Joanna said...

It's amazing what making a baby mad can accomplish.

Way to go Katie!

Steph said...

Awesome job Katie!

And, I totally spaced about you being in Columbia while I was there last week! I will definitely remember next time so we can meet up!