Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First night in her room alone

Katie spent last night sleeping in her room for the first time since she was born! And she did great. She has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room after we brought her home from the hospital. The first week or so, she was sleeping with us a good bit but then I started putting her in the bassinet.

Her sleeping has been a little off lately and I thought that maybe she was a little too cramped in the bassinet. So I decided that Tuesday night would be the night for the crib. I put her down in it around 9:00 and she slept until 6:15 the next morning. That was success to me.

She likes to move around while she sleeps. I put her down in the crib one way and when I came back, she had turned her body around about 90 degrees. What's funny is that she now has some extra room but still sleeps with her legs in what I like to call the "ballerina position". Michael always slept completely stretched out and he outgrew the bassinet sometime shortly after he turned 2 months old.

Here are some pictures of her first night in her crib:


Beth said...

Go Katie! That is awesome. I'm so jealous that she's a good sleeper. But what a relief, huh?

Amy said...

Oh my, Karen. She is SO sweet! And way to go Katie on such good sleep!

DuBose Family said...

YEAH! This was so hard for me, but once we moved him into his own room he slept so much better.....and after a while I did too! :)

Stephanie Carroll said...

She looks like a little angel! it was sooo great to see you guys!

Alexa said...

That's wonderful! She looks so adorable and peaceful with all that extra room! :-)