Sunday, July 5, 2009

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

We went to visit my parents for the 4th of July weekend. Todd and I decided that we were going to try to see more of the local sights when we go to visit them. Michael is getting older and is interested in seeing things that he enjoys as well.

Friday we went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. We started off the day by driving to Southport, NC and taking the ferry over to Fort Fisher. Growing up on the Jersey Shore, I had taken the ferry from Cape May to Delaware several times. We waited in line and then boarded the 11:30 ferry. After Todd drove the van on, he turned the car off and got out. We thought that Michael would like to look at the water but he was a little scared to get out of the van. I think it was the unknown that he didn't like. Todd went up to the front of the boat and after some coaxing, I took Michael and Katie up there as well. Katie loved the feel of the wind on her face and Michael just wanted to be held as he looked out onto the water. It was a gorgeous day.

After we arrived at Fort Fisher, we headed over to the aquarium. They have an area for fresh-water animals and inside they have the salt water animals. Michael loved the aquarium. He got to look at the albino alligator outside and watch it get fed. When we headed inside, there were all sorts of fish, as well as turtles, crabs and jellyfish. There was also a seashell display. We got some lunch while we were there and sat outside on the deck while birds flew around in the trees and bushes near us. Of course, Katie slept through most of this as she usually does.

The final part of the visit was the gift shop.** He chose a truck that pulls a trailer that holds a raft on it. We tried to persuade him to get something else but it was useless. I normally would have just taken in out of his hands and taken him out of the store while he screamed. But since he was so good and we were out of town, we decided to get it for him. He liked it so much he wouldn't let go of it:

After this, we headed back to my parents' house. We decided to drive through Wilmington instead of taking the ferry back for a change of scenery. It was a nice day for all of us.

**Note to self: don't let your 3 year old go into the gift shop if you don't want to buy him anything.

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