Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So that's what they're for

Katie has recently discovered her hands and all that they can do. Before when she would get startled or move too quickly, her hands and arms would fly up. Now her arms are making more deliberate movements and she can actually use her hands to get some things that she wants.

The main thing that she is interested in doing with her hands right now is sucking her thumb. If she can't quite get her thumb in, she will settle for as much of her fist that she can get in her mouth! It's quite cute to see her sucking her thumb, even though this is a habit that I definitely don't want her to continue. Sometimes when she is trying to get her thumb in her mouth, she scratches her face.

She is also using her hands to grab her dresses and pull the bottoms up toward her face. She can reach out and grab something that you put in her hands, as well as play with the balls on her exersaucer and infant rocker. She can hold a rattle if you help her to get her hands around it too.

Katie is also learning how to use her hands to pull on my shirt while she is nursing. I think this is so adorable because she likes to make sure that she has my full attention.

This is such a great milestone because it will lead to so many other things in the upcoming months. I can't believe that she can already grab things...guess we better start babyproofing again soon!!

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Stacey said...

Isn't that the best? Will loves to use his hands to grab his toes. How cute!