Monday, September 10, 2012

New Dance School

Katie's first dance lesson of the new school year was this afternoon.  I tried to sign her up for class on Tuesday after lunch since she doesn't go to school that day but the class was already full.  I decided to sign her up for Monday afternoon at 4:00 because I figured that it wouldn't get over too late and interfere with dinner.  The only bad part about that time is that Michael has to come too but I figure Katie has been to so many of his things that it's only fair.

This year Katie's class is a tap and ballet combo for 3 and 4 year olds, which is the same as last year.  She is taking class at the Dance Dept this year.  She was not old enough to attend there last year.  She was so excited for the first day of class and has been talking about it for the past few weeks.  We got her new ballet and tap shoes at the end of last week.  Katie walked around the house all afternoon with the ballet slippers on.

The class is 45 minutes long and takes place behind closed doors.  They have a few classes per year that they open up for the parents to watch and there is a recital at the end of the year.  As soon as Katie came out of the first class, she started talking about what they did.  She let me know that they did tap first and then ballet.  They also danced to some music that she really liked.

Before class

Worn out after class
I really enjoy watching her excitement for dance.  Considering that she is not the most girly girl, I wondered how dance would go.  She really seems to have fun and that is all that matters!

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Carrie77 said...

Autumn's class starts with tap, too, which surprises me...because, we always did ballet first. We have our first watch class in late Oct., I can't wait. I peak and try to look into the tiny little pin holes in the blinds to watch her at times, but its hard to see what they are doing!