Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Den Meeting

Tonight Michael went to his first Cub Scout den meeting with Todd.  The whole family attended the meet and greet dinner last Monday, which is when we signed Michael up for the Cub Scouts.  This year, he will be a Tiger Cub.  The boys will attend 2 den meetings per month, as well as one pack meeting.  There will also often be a visit to somewhere to help earn badges by learning about different things.

The den started working on their first badge tonight at the meeting.  Michael already knows the motto, handshake and salute.  It's pretty cute to watch him learn these new things.  It's also a great bonding experience for Michael and Todd.  I love watching them go to have this special time together and I hope that they both enjoy it!

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Carrie77 said...

Nathan already knows them, too! Its amazing how fast they can memorize this stuff! We are doing our first Go See It next month at the Art Museum, Native American... Nathan has just 1 Den meeting and 1 group/pack meeting a month.