Friday, August 17, 2012

Pioneer Preview

Michael's school had their back to school event this afternoon, also known as Pioneer Preview.  We went in and got his class assignment for first grade (yes, I did just type first grade!!).  His teacher for this year is going to be Mrs. Smiley.  He was so excited to go down to the classroom and find out if anyone from his class last year was going to be in his class again.  There were a few of the same kids but mostly new ones.

The most exciting thing for Michael was the fact that he has his own desk this year.  What a step up from the shared tables in kindergarten!  He had to bring his school supplies with him.  His teacher helped him to set them up in his desk and it was really all he could talk about.  He walked around the room while I filled out paperwork.  His teacher gave him a little treat before he left the room.

We stopped by the cafeteria to get our car tags, confirm that he is riding the right bus and got some information on Cub Scouts.  We also talked to some of his friends from last year.  Looking forward to the start of a new school year!

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