Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Disaster at the Dentist

Today was Katie and Michael's semi-annual checkup at the dentist office.  The appointment was right before lunch, which I am not sure is the best time but it's hard to schedule them with school as they only have appointments in the morning for cleanings.

As soon as we got there, the kids were trying to get into the room with the games and toys.  Michael accidentally knocked Katie down and she was then inconsolable.  I was holding her while trying to take everyone to the back after they called us.  She wouldn't let go of me or sit in the chair for her cleaning and exam.  We ended up having to go into a private room away from Michael.  She refused to let the hygienist clean her teeth.  He went out to get the dentist for the checkup and then she was completely compliant!  The hygienist ended up brushing Katie's teeth and she even let him floss them.

Michael did fine for his checkup but he had to get some x-rays done.  The x-rays revealed several cavities between the teeth as well as 2 on the surface of his molars.  We were referred to the other location of the practice that does fillings using sedation since there were quite a few that needed to be done.  I am going to contact Johns Hopkins to get their opinion on sedation.  We have some concerns in regards to Michael's heart rate and being sedated.  The consultation isn't for another 2 weeks so we will see what happens then.


Beth said...

Oh no! Poor mom. Sounds like a stressful visit. Big huge boo for cavities. Hopefully, the fillings won't be a huge ordeal.

Carrie77 said...

Oh no! Nathan had to actually get a CROWN and all they did was give him laughing gas, and he was fine. The laughing gas WAS not covered my my insurance, so it was NOT cheap (and, the cavities weren't either)-- but maybe that is an option?