Monday, June 4, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Michael is taking swimming lessons again this summer.  This year we were able to get him into an earlier session at the same place where he took them last year.  I figure this way he will have the lessons before he starts going to the pool every day.  And with the rain every morning, there isn't much pool time right now.  One of the nice things about these lessons are that the pool is inside.

Each child was tested when they entered the pool to place them in different levels.  Michael placed into Level 2.  He was the only boy with all girls and also looked to be the youngest in the group.  They did kicking while holding on to the wall, as well as lying on the board and using their arms to paddle.  The instructor also had each child do the back float while supporting them.  This was the only thing that Michael did not like to do and he would not rest his head in the water.  At the end of class, they went down to the 6 ft depth and each swimmer took turns jumping in to the instructor.  Michael did this with no problem, which was a major improvement from the lessons last summer. 

I am hoping that we can build on these lessons by spending a lot of time at the pool this summer.  Katie wasn't old enough for solo lessons this year and she was pretty disappointed about it.  I plan to take her to the pool and work on some basic skills with her.  She is much less fearful about the water than Michael was and will go down the steps by herself.  She also submerges her face in the water with her goggles on and comes back up easily.  Looking forward to seeing the progress of both kids!

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