Monday, June 11, 2012

Mega Camp

We have been getting settled into our summer routine.  This week we signed Michael up for Mega Camp at a local church.  They have different themes that you could choose from that include soccer, hockey, arts and crafts, cooking, dance and field day.  Michael is on the red field day team.  He went in this morning and got his t-shirt, backpack and water bottle when he arrived.  Everyone was gathered in a large auditorium to watch a video before heading off with their teams.

The camp is from 9am-12pm every morning this week.  When we got there to pick him up, he couldn't wait to tell us about his day.  He said that it was really fun and he was glad it wasn't boring like he thought it was going to be.  Apparently he now thinks that anything he hasn't done before is going to be boring until he does it.  Michael told us all about watching a video about teamwork and then heading outside to participate in an activity that consisted of carrying a wet sponge from one end to the other to fill up a ball.  He also said that he really liked the snack, which was Cheez-Its, and that he had been wanting some for the past few days.  He is too funny sometimes.

I am so glad that he is enjoying himself and it's keeping him entertained.  With all of the rain that we have had lately, that's no easy feat!

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Cacey said...

Wow that sounds like so much fun! I wish we had something like that around here for Elijah to go to.