Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun with Friends

We went to the zoo today with a friend of mine from college.  Between the two of us, we had seven kids.  It could have turned out very badly but things actually went well.  I think it helped that three of them were in strollers and 2 of them are actually old enough to know better to not run away.  The weather here lately has been perfect so we were able to go and enjoy the visit.  After feeding the giraffes, seeing the elephants, bears and kangaroos, the kids went for a train ride.  We headed over to the playground to let them burn off some energy and ended the visit with a ride on the carousel.  Michael didn't want to go on it but Katie was quite happy to be riding on it.

 We left the zoo and came back to our house for a playdate and lunch.  The kids all played nicely with each other.  The boys went up to play Legos and the older girls played baby dolls and kitchen.  The moms actually got to talk a little in between tending to all of the kids.  The younger kids alternated between sleeping and smiling.  It was a great afternoon.

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