Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Science Fun

Now that Michael is out of school for the summer, we have been trying to stay busy to keep him from getting bored.  I was cleaning up some papers in the kitchen and came across a folder that had pages from magazines that I had ripped out.  There were recipes, crafts and educational games.  I found an article I had taken out with easy science experiments to try at home.  I decided to do this one with Michael and a modified version for Katie.

Michael was hesitant at first because he didn't want to do anything that had to do with learning.  I told him that it would involve him and he would get to perform the experiment on his own.  This seemed to get his interest.  I got him his own bowl and gave him some pieces of paper towels to cut into strips.  He used each and every different marker color (I think there were 15 or so) and hung each strip over the edge of the bowl when he was done.

It was really neat to watch the colors move up the paper towel.  Michael also told me that he was happy he decided to do it and that it was fun, not boring like he thought it would be.  This activity actually held his attention for about 45 minutes, which seemed like a long time to me.  Katie did it for about 20 minutes, which was good for her.  Both of them told me that they would love to do another experiment soon!

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Carrie77 said...

I love stuff like this! I have some science stuff pinned on Pinterest.