Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ready for Strawberries

Since the forecast is calling for rain for the next few days, I decided to take the kids to pick strawberries this morning. It was a good call since a big storm moved through tonight. I have been going to the same farm to pick strawberries for almost 10 years but we went to a different one today, as the old farm moved further away. This one was so much nicer with evenly defined rows for the kids to walk in and tons of berries to pick. They even had a port-a-potty with a running faucet, soap and towels to wash your hands (still gross inside but at least you could get your hands washed!).

It was the perfect day to pick berries as it was not too hot and overcast. There have been several years that we have gone when it's been ridiculously hot and sweaty. We got 2 buckets and headed down to the end of the row. Michael and Katie both did really well to pick only red berries and not a bunch of overripe ones. I showed Michael how to pull the berry leaving most of the stem on there. He was filling his bucket as quick as Katie, David and I were filling ours.

All of the kids enjoyed eating some berries so I let them. One thing that I remember about picking berries as a kid was that my mom always wanted us to wait until we got home to eat them due to the fact that they weren't washed. I ate a few too and they were delicious. I can't wait to make some baked goods and eat them straight from the bucket!


Carrie77 said...

OH FUN! I loooove strawberry picking. Except, it won't be till May here. Actually, maybe sooner with the warm weather. Love the pics!

LauraC said...

Love that you got in the pictures with them!!

Mel said...

LOVE the pics of you and the kids! We are supposed to go strawberry picking (weather permitting, of course) a week from Sunday. We've never been. Picked blueberries, but not strawberries. Looking forward to it.