Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gorilla Time

Todd was out of town for the weekend so I decided to take the kids to the zoo on Saturday morning.  We normally just walk around, look at the animals and head to the playground.  Today we decided to head to the gorilla area for their feeding time at 11:30.  The kids got to sit up front by the window to see them when they came up to get fed.  There were a few zoo workers on top of the building throwing lettuce and fruit down, as well as two colorful tubes with food inside. 

The kids had fun watching the gorillas eat, even though I think that Katie was a bit scared of them coming so close to the glass window.  Michael was thrilled to see them and used my phone to take a series of pictures.  He managed to capture quite a few good shots, although there were several shots of the gorilla's backside as well. 

After seeing the gorillas, we took a tram ride across the river to the botanical gardens and then rode back to the zoo.  The kids played in the playground and then we headed home for lunch and nap.  Since everyone was so good, we stopped and got Sonic slushes as a treat!

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Beth said...

I love going somewhere we've been a hundred times and getting an unexpected experience. Looks like the kids really enjoyed it!