Monday, April 9, 2012


our new niece and Katie & Michael's new cousin, Lila Alexander Baldwin, born on Thursday, April 5th. She was 5 days overdue and we were all anxiously awaiting her arrival, especially her parents, my sister Michelle and her husband Alex. Guess she wanted to get here before Easter!

We traveled up to Raleigh on Thursday night and went to the hospital to meet her on Friday. Both kids were excited to get to see her now that she was born. They both wanted to hold her but we told them they need to wait until she gets a little older and isn't quite so fragile!

Lila is adorable and looked so tiny to me. She made Katie and Michael look so grown-up. I loved holding her and watching her sleep so peacefully. Can't wait to see her again! Congrats to Michelle and Alex on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl.

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Jessica said...

How sweet! Love Michael's face next to her bassinet. :)