Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a really nice holiday here. The day started off with the kids coming downstairs to their Easter baskets. They couldn't wait to get into them! Katie's basket was filled with a lot of Dora and Disney princess items. Michael's basket was filled with Legos, Star Wars and Cars items. Both kids were so excited to open them up.

After they opened the baskets, they sat quietly playing with their new travel coloring books. It was surprising to see them sit together without fighting and watch them coloring side by side.

We had the Easter egg hunt in the backyard before we went to church. Katie was really into it this year and Michael is quite the pro now. They each got 10 eggs and a special egg. I love watching how happy they get when they find an egg after searching for them.

We all went to church and had some rest time after we came home before heading out to dinner. We went with my parents to the Japanese steakhouse for our dinner. This is one of the kids' favorite restaurants and they were very well behaved. Katie and Michael both ate almost all of their food. They love watching it being cooked in front of them too.

The day ended with some outside time playing in the yard and riding bikes. What a great day!!

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