Sunday, January 22, 2012

Katie's New Glasses

Katie got a new prescription for her glasses at the end of last year. She has had the same pair of glasses since she was 13 months old. At her next 2 checkups, her vision did not dramatically change. In the past 6 months, her vision in her left eye has gotten much worse. So as soon as the new year came, we went to pick out her glasses.

Katie's old pair used a band around the back of her head to secure the glasses. I really wanted to get her a new pair that didn't need the band. I was not sure that she was old enough to take care of a pair of glasses but then realized that Michael was wearing a regular pair of glasses at this same age. We looked at several pairs and finally decided on a pink/purple pair.

Look at this diva in her new glasses. They even have transition lenses so they turn into sunglasses outside. Love them!!