Sunday, April 10, 2011

I hope I make it out on the other side

of my first ever single parenting week! Todd flew out tonight for a week long training session for a product they use at his office. He will not return until Friday night.

Friday night seems so far away, even though this week will be busy with the usual stuff like school, t-ball, PT and the park. Todd and I rarely spend any nights apart so this is something new for both of us. It was actually his first time ever flying somewhere solo. The toughest part of the day is going to be the bed and bathtime routine. Todd does a good bit of this so I will have to develop a new plan for a few days.

I can't imagine being a single mom, even though I know women who do it every day. I admire them A LOT. If one week seems overwhelming, I can't imagine having to do it all the time. I am keeping a positive attitude and tell myself I can do it. Maybe if I say it enough times, it will come true.

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Jessica said...

You can do it! :) I hope you're on your way to settling into a nice little routine. And right when you get it perfected, Todd will be home. Wishing you lots of joy (and patience!) this week.