Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coffee Date

Today after we dropped Michael off at school, Katie and I ran some errands. We had to get birthday presents for parties that we are attending in the next few weeks. She waited patiently while we looked at several gifts. She also held my hand so we could do the shopping instead of running away in every store. I didn't even have to put her in the cart.

I told Katie that since she was a good listener, we would go get a special drink. She got in her carseat quickly with that promise. I think she thought we were going to Sonic for a slush. We went to Starbucks and I got us a vanilla bean frappucino. As soon as she saw it, she asked me if she could have some. Katie said, "Can I have some please, Mommy?" I handed the drink over to her and didn't get a sip until it was almost half gone. I got a picture of her drinking it on my phone too.

This girl takes after her mommy and knows what tastes good!!

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