Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Activities

We were going to church on Sunday morning and then out to eat for Easter dinner. So we decided to do some fun Easter activities on Saturday.

Michael and Katie dyed Easter eggs in the morning. Katie actually did more dropping of the eggs than decorating but she still had fun. You could tell which eggs she did because they had a speckled look to them, due to all the cracking shells. Michael was very methodical in his decorating and carefully chose the colors for his eggs. They all turned out great.

Saturday afternoon, we had an Easter egg hunt after Katie woke up from her nap. Katie really got into it and was able to find some eggs on her own. She would spot an egg and head toward it. Then Michael would follow her to try to get the egg first. I guess he knew that she was a good hunter. Both kids enjoyed themselves, aside from a few minor incidents involving who saw the egg first! Of course, they both wanted to eat the egg that had the candy inside (the rest had change).

The kids opened their Easter baskets on Sunday morning. We only got pictures of Michael opening his as Katie got into hers before we were up. We were at my parents and she got out of bed, saw Elmo and dug in. Guess we know who was really excited!

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