Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today I took the kids to a local indoor play area. Over the past 2 years, Michael has gone from not wanting to get in any of the bounce houses to getting upset when it's time to leave. He now will go on any slide and climb up any of the structures.

Katie is slowly learning how much fun it can be to go on these rides. The past 2 times we have gone, she won't go on there by herself but she will go on there with me. I ask her if she wants to bounce, bounce and we do! One of the structures is a basketball court with hoops at each end. Katie has fun standing at the walls and bouncing up and down on her knees. Then we stand up, holding hands and bouncing together.

Michael, Katie and I all went down the big slide in the back. It was fun to hold hands and slide down at the same time. I think that it was more fun that way because we went so fast. Katie loved it and asked to go again. Michael led the way and we went down 3 more times. The only bad part is that I have to carry Katie up to the top. I guess it's good exercise.

I love watching Katie and Michael enjoy themselves. I have to admit that it's fun to act like a kid by jumping around once in a while!

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Mel said...

I agree! It is fun to "be a kid" in those things.