Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day for Michael's t-ball league. Since we were having Katie's party at 3:00 and the t-ball wasn't starting until almost noon, I didn't get to go. So Michael went with Todd and my dad. They have been practicing for the past 2 weeks and games will actually start next week.

It was a beautiful sunny day and a lot warmer than Thursday night's practice. Team and individual pictures were first, followed by a scrimmage. Michael was really excited to get to the field and play some t-ball. He looked so grown up in his uniform.

Here are a few pictures.


Mel said...

Looks like fun! And Happy Birthday to Katie!

Carrie77 said...

Nathan starts t-ball in another month and a half once it warms up here. Can't wait! HAppy bday Katie!

Stacey said...