Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday: Part II

Since yesterday was Katie's actual birthday, we celebrated some more. I made an Elmo cake for us to have after dinner. I had thought about doing an Elmo party for Katie since she loves him but decided against it. And since the cake was gone from the party, I decided on Elmo. I started making it on Monday and finished decorating it this afternoon with a little help from Michael.

We had dinner and sang Happy Birthday to Katie after that. She still didn't blow out the candle but Michael was more than happy to help with that. She opened up her cards with Michael's help. Then it was time for her present. We got her the Little Mommy play center. It has a changing table, feeding center, crib, bathtub and kitchen. I know Katie is going to have fun playing with it as she was so excited as we were opening it. She kept saying "oh, Katie". It was so cute!

Michael took this picture of the 3 of us and I love it!


Carrie77 said...

Cute cake. You have some talent!!

Lindsay said...

Another amazing cake - wow!

Mel said...

I am totally impressed with your cakes! That is awesome!

Kara said...

Your cakes are too cute! Happy Birthday Katie!!