Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good news

Katie had her annual cardiology appointment today. An echocardiogram and exam were scheduled. When Katie didn't want to get weighed at the beginning of the appointment or let the nurse listen to her heart, I wondered how the rest would go.

The doctor came in to examine her and she let him listen to her heart and breathing. Then we headed into the echo room. I came prepared with Tootsie Roll pops and candy canes. I gave her a candy cane to start with, followed by the pop. Katie was very cooperative and laid pretty still on the table while the technician got the pictures and measurements that she needed.

After the echo, the doctor came back into the room to review it. Katie had an ASD, which had closed significantly between her 6 month and 1 year checkup. Today's echo showed that the hole was now completely closed! She does not have mitral valve prolapse at this time either and her aorta measured within the normal range for a child her age. What a relief it was to hear this news!

We will go back in a year for another follow-up and also visit Johns Hopkins this summer.


Mel said...

Awesome news! That must be a great feeling of relief!

Jessica said...

How wonderful! SUCH great news! Hurray!

Lindsay said...

Yea for such good news!!

Joanna said...

Wonderful news. I'm so glad she's making such good progress!