Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time just keeps going and going

Katie turned 16 months old on Friday. She is quite the toddler now and no longer our little baby. She is growing more and more and getting so tall.

Katie still loves to eat like there is no tomorrow. She will put as much food into her mouth as she can fit and even tries to put more in when it's already full. Over the past few weeks, I have been giving her a fork or spoon to use while eating. She does pretty well getting it to her mouth but is working on actually getting food on it. I am hoping to put an end to the throwing the food off the tray when she is done. That doesn't happen very often though because she almost always eats everything, unless she is full!

She is starting to understand what to do when you tell her to do something. I can tell her that we are getting ready to leave and she walks over to the door. When it's time for bed, I tell her to say good night to Todd and Michael and she does. Then we walk down the hall to her room and she closes the door behind us while saying "good night". It's so cute!

The diaper situation is still going on. I know that it's only a phase and will pass but it can get messy sometimes. I am tired of seeing her walk around the house with her hands down her pants, never knowing what she is going to pull out. I don't want to make a big deal about it but she has to know it's not OK to take the contents of her diaper out!

Katie is learning more and more words every day. I love to hear her talk. She has a low voice and I am always surprised to hear it coming out of her mouth. She has begun to do some counting with 5, 6, 7, and 8. Some of her new words are ball, eye, and book. She also says "choo-choo" if you start playing with trains.

I love watching her and Michael interact now. He has been being very sweet to her and lets her know what she should and should not do. He's my little helper. He also likes to pick out her clothes and let me know that he is going to show her how to use the potty when it's time. I am finally seeing them play together without there being a fight every time. Michael still asks to be left alone at times and I try to give him options that makes him feel like it's a privilege, not a right. Katie thinks he is hysterical and loves when he does things to make her laugh!

Here are a few new pics of Katie:


Joanna said...

Your right, she doesn't look like a little baby at all any more. She's loosing that baby roundness to her face. She's adorable!

Lindsay said...

Super cute! I know it would be a pain, but when my BFF's daughter did the diaper thing, she moved to keeping her in onesies full time until the phase passed.

Heidi O said...

She is a cutie. I probably need to start the spoon soon with Harry but at the moment I am just trying to get him to leave the bowl or plate on the table.

Steph said...

She is really growing up isn't she? Looking so much older than the last pictures, and still so cute.

Sorry the diaper thing is still going on.