Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun with Friends

On Sunday, we had a get-together for Susan and Nathan, a friend and her son, who were visiting from Colorado. We had about 20 people, which included 3 babies and 5 kids from age 1-9. It was a nice turnout.

Usually when Susan comes to visit, we get together at a restaurant. It always seems like there are so many people for her to see and barely enough time. Add kids into the mix and you may be lucky to get through your meal. This time, Todd and I offered to have a BBQ. This way, the kids could play outside and the adults could watch while spending time catching up. We ate, drank and ate some more.

The weather threatened to ruin the afternoon but thankfully the rain held off until that night. That was great because a bunch of kids cooped up in the house could be disastrous. They played in the sandbox, the playhouse and just in the yard.

It was nice to see Susan and Nathan and be able to catch up a little bit. Her mother-in-law Wanda was our photographer for the afternoon/evening, which left us one less thing to worry about. It seems like we get together and are so busy talking that we forget to take pictures. She took many combinations of pictures and will be sending us copies of them.

Here are a few pictures that I got on my camera:

Susan, Todd and I

Susan, Karen, Stephanie and Michelle

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